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Our Challenge
God called us to be missionaries in 1976, three years before we were married in England and then went to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas. We served 17 years with the International Mission Board in Vienna, Austria and Cáceres, Spain.  God has called us to pastor the ICF International Christian Fellowship  in Portimão, Portugal as independent missionaries.

This is the most exciting challenge God has called us to yet.
 ICF church cannot provide our full support, but in faith they unanimously called us to be their first paid pastor and we have accepted their invitation in faith that God will provide our needs.  

We need Christian men and women to join our  team who will cover our work in prayer and help fund it.
We will NOT receive funds from any mission board or agency, but since Oct. 10th 2004, we have relied completely upon donations from individuals and churches who have choosen to place us in their budgets.

Explore Borgan Ministries and see if God is leading you and your church to partner with us.